Our Maintenance works include but are not limited to the following:

  • Electrical systems and Electrical safety testing
  • Gas systems
  • HVAC
  • Water systems
  • Building and Facilities
  • UPS systems
  • Lightning Protection systems
  • Signage systems
  • Periodic and Statutory Testing and Inspection
  • Building Management Systems
  • Fire Detection and Suppression systems
  • Passive fire protection systems

Our railway asset maintenance works are supported by our own 24-hour help desk and our dedicated in-house on-call Engineering teams.

However, it is our in-depth knowledge of the assets and their unique requirements that allow us to offer a service which is second to none and provide utmost confidence in our ability to deliver railway custodians with the very safest operating solution for their assets.

We offer additional value through ECI constructability advice, providing a whole life asset management approach to future maintenance. We work together with our customers to optimise the value and life of their assets as well as their effectiveness.

We assist organisations by integrating management, engineering and financial decision-making across the asset lifecycle and sharing with them data and lessons learned from previous works.

We consider the entire asset lifecycle, from level of service or performance standards on through procurement, maintenance, operations, rehabilitation, and replacement planning.

By using smart asset management as a means of business enhancement, we can link operational, financial and technical elements in order to:

  • Develop asset management strategies and establish service level indicators
  • Conduct lifecycle asset valuation and cost optimisation
  • Performance model and cost analyse
  • Develop and execute process improvement
  • Conduct condition assessment and monitoring
  • Implement energy-efficiency measures
  • Design preventative maintenance as well as defects reduction
  • Provide replacement and renewal strategies

Case Studies