Project: London Midland Fitters Refurbishment Works Location Birmingham New Street Station Client Network Rail Date September 2018 - May 2019 Download full PDF case study

Quinn Infrastructure under their existing LNW minor building work framework was appointed by Network Rail as the Principal Contractor for these refurbishment works.

The London Midland (LM) subsurface accommodation located in the East Dock at Birmingham New Street station (home to the train cleaner and fitting teams) had become unsafe for use as long term accommodation.

The fitters and cleaners are a critical resource in order to keep the London Midland trains running so the works were crucial to not only maintain services, but also their health and wellbeing.

The East Dock required significant remedial works to make it safe for long term occupation. Due to the scale and complexity of these repairs and the timescale involved, LM staff required relocation in the first instance so as to ensure their safety and in order to vacate the East Dock for full remediation.

With Network Rail acting as the Principal Designer for the GRIP 5 detailed design stage, Quinn Infrastructure duly priced the project is to relocate the staff and then refurbish a retail unit facility to adequately accommodate the 16 staff covering GRIP stages 6-8 – implementation, hand back and close out.

The works included:

Contract Deliverables
This project had different outputs for different parties involved which included London Midland, the retail team and station management:

The main outcome of this project was to remove the cleaners and fitters for London Midland with the least disruption as possible from their current accommodation in the East Dock which is unsafe into a new temporary accommodation (for 3 years).

Time was a key factor with this project as Quinn Infrastructure needed to move them out quickly.

The accommodation was then fully serviced, made fit for purpose and ready for occupation by London Midland. The new accommodation was refurbished to all applicable Network Rail standards including sub surface fire regulations, as Birmingham New Street Station is classed as a subsurface station.

The new fitters’ facility provided:

The retail unit included:

Challenges and Solutions
During the mobilisation phase of the project is soon become apparent the design would require further development. Quinn Infrastructure working collaboratively with Network Rail found solutions to the following project challenges:

The challenges were achieved by ensuring stakeholder management and collaborative working were at the forefront of the project delivery. Once the design constraints were resolved, a challenge was then set to the project delivery team to complete the programme of works within an eight-week window, versus the original programme duration of 16 weeks.

The 8 weeks programme was delivered on time, however, was only achieved through Quinn Infrastructure’s ability to proactively co-ordinate and programme multi-trade discipline works. This proactive approach enabled the site to be available to work on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.