Project: Electric Smart Meter Trial Location Nationwide Client British Telecom Download full PDF case study

Quinn Infrastructure were engaged by Open Reach to install smart meters, as part of a BT Innovate trial at domestic properties within five miles of the BT Innovation Laboratories located at Adastral Park.

Quinn Infrastructure installed and commissioned these new prototype electrical smart meters in domestic environments along-side the existing meter installations.

Contract Deliverables
Fifty smart meters had to be operationally installed in various simulated conditions within a five-day working period. This included planning and booking of appointments with consumers, identification of non-compliant installations and then subsequent removal of the installed smart meters on completion of the trial, with the system being returned back to an as found condition.

Challenges and Solutions
The key to the successful delivery of this trial was the planning and logistics. All planning was undertaken in collaboration with BT’s Control Centre with regards to appointment bookings and scheduling. This included evening and weekend appointments, where late notice was given for changes to access conditions. All meters installed were free issue from the BT Innovate department and installation materials, consumables and tools were supplied by Quinn Infrastructure via a central store within the Adastral Estate.

A number of domestic properties had nonconformances identified, these included the following:

Dependant on the category of non-conformance identified (A, B or C), would dictate the required action. This action could range from a dangerous situation where by the Distribution Network Operator (DNO) would be contacted to attend and Quinn Infrastructure would be required to remain on site for the duration, to a situation whereby a nonconformance had been identified and all parties are formally notified.