QIS has a comprehensive programme of audits and inspections in place. These are scheduled on a ‘visiting basis’, so every site where works are being carried is regularly audited. The objective is to ensure all staff (and subcontractors where appropriate) operate in accordance with contract requirements, procedures, standards and regulations in line with the QIS H&S Management System.

An important factor in the effectiveness of this programme is the participation of members of QIS leadership in Senior Manager / Director Site Safety Tours. As a regular onsite presence, our senior leaders play a key role in providing the recognition and positive feedback which is integral to the success of a behaviour-based approach to safety.

Other examples of staff recognition include our monthly safety award. (Anyone can nominate a colleague or staff member for a safety award, including our SLT). Nominations are discussed and agreed at SLT level, with awards presented by our Managing Director and publicised via our internal magazine and intranet. As, a member of ‘Perkbox’, we’re able to use this platform to recognise and reward staff, including for safety performance.

Richard Sharp, Health and Safety Manager said, ‘As well as ensuring senior managers are a visible presence on site and lead safety ‘from the front’, our safety inspection programme provides a process of proactive and reactive self-monitoring to quantify how effectively our H&S Management System is functioning, and ensure it is aligned with client processes. Any non-conformances identified are appropriately recorded, actioned and followed up to confirm closure. A process of data and trend analysis is applied to identify potential improvement opportunities and safety ‘lessons learned’.