We at Quinn Infrastructure recognise the importance of having a diverse and inclusive workforce and acknowledge that by embracing cultural insights we have the opportunity to broaden our horizons and build a business that adapts and grows with the ebb and flow of our ever changing world.

We have observed within our business that diverse cultural perspectives can inspire creativity and innovation within teams and enable us to fulfil our maximum potential and develop a wider range of skills. We accept that in order to have the required knowledge, skills and expertise to competitively thrive in the current market we need to attract and retain from a diverse talent pool but it’s not enough, we also need to provide opportunities, growth and development.

As a business we have created an inclusive working environment which is reinforced through our e-learning  Ethnicity and Diversity Awareness Training available to all employees in addition to our company policies on E&D and dignity at work. This year, we went a step further to bring our employees together by signing up to the ‘Big Rail Diversity Challenge’ which is a day of team building challenges to highlight the importance of diversity and gender balance in the workplace.

We are aware of some social constraints that employees may have and are able to offer support and understanding to overcome these and still provide an opportunities within our business.

Using the Perkbox Insights module we are able to offer employees a platform for them to voice their opinions, contribute ideas and feedback which enables us to further enhance our services and shape our business